#RHOA NEWS: #PorshaWilliams CONFIRMS relationship with co-star’s EX-husband & Baby Daddy COSIGNS! [details]

Ok, so if you thought season 13 of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ was a SNOOZEFEST, well, the ‘AFTERSHOW’ in real life is sure to PIQUE your interests! Come to find out, Porsha Williams CONFIRMS being in a relationship with a one of her CO-STAR’S EX-HUSBAND and her BABY DADDY co signs the whole thing! Yes, this is a real thing. I can hear the BRAVO team now SCRAMBLING to get back to ATLANTA to film all the SHENANIGANS! Get the DETAILS below!

So let’s break this down… Porsha CONFIRMS on Instagram that she is currently DATING Falynn’s ex-husband Simon Guobadia! If you recall, Simon was MARRIED to Falynn who was a FRIEND of the RHOA for season 13 and a ‘FRIEND’ of Porsha.

We can’t make up better stories.

Now REMEMBER, Falynn, Simon’s EX-WIFE was introduced on the show as Porsha’s ‘FRIEND’.

Porsha says she and Falynn are NOT friends, but they APPEARED to be when she was taking a dip her pool and EATING veggies at her Halloween party… IJS….

Oh, so it gets BETTER. Apparently, the father to Porsha’s baby, Dennis McKinley CO-SIGNS the whole ‘affair’.

He even WISHED Porsha a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY alongside, her and her new beau!

If you thought PORSHA carried the season last year, she is SURE to maintain that center peach with this new ‘LIFE JOURNEY’!



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