#NickiMinaj RETURNS to social media teasing an ANNOUNCEMENT! [details]

Nicki Minaj returns to social media.

It appears that Nicki Minaj is BACK!

After a self-imposed SOCIAL MEDIA silence, the ‘Queen’ rapper makes a return to social media and teases an announcement….

She looks AMAZING. She just gave birth 6 months ago and the snapback is REAL….

She captioned the post, ‘FRIDAY’. That’s it.

The fans and Barbz are hoping for NEW MUSIC. Just last week, the Barbz were able to get her song ‘LLC’ from 3-years ago, TRENDING and atop a number of iTunes charts, so… never underestimate the power of the BARBZ…. But here is my thing. I hope it’s not new music.

The ROLL-OUT needs to be EPIC and impeccably thought out. Teasing an announcement on TWITTER isn’t enough anymore. She doesn’t COMMAND the same attention and PRESENCE like she USED to to be able to just drop a TEASE and rake in huge numbers. NOT TO MENTION, the NEW RAP GIRLS are OUT for the SUMMER and MEG & CARDI are OUTPACING her with popularity and TIKTOK appeal, so RIGHT NOW would not be the BEST TIME to drop new music. IJS.

Hopefully she is coming out with a line of DESIGNER pink CROCS or something. But a NEW SINGLE would probably fall on DEAF EARS, and I am a FAN. TIMES HAVE CHANGED—even the acts that were at the TOP have to do MORE.. IJS. But CROCS got a HUGE boost in SEARCHES after her TEASE… so HOPEFULLY that is the COLLAB we are going to get and Nicki WAITS on the new music until the ROLL OUT is CLEVERLY thought out for the BIGGEST impact!


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