#WillSmith INSPIRES the #DadBodChallenge! #MarlonWayan #MarkWahlberg & more STEP UP to the challenge! [pics]

Will Smith’s RECENT REVEAL of his PANDEMIC ‘Dad Bod’ and his VOW to get FIT again has touched people around the world. And his VOW to get back FIT has inspired the #DadBodChallenge.

Celebs like Marlon Wayans, Jerry O’Connell and Mark Wahlberg have stepped up to the plate to REVEAL their DAD BODS as well!

Mark Wahlberg revealed his RECENT weight gain!

The fitness-obsessed actor, 49, revealed he has already gained 20 pounds and is “going up another 20” for his new movie, “Father Stu.”

“From left photo 3 weeks ago to this, now,” he captioned shirtless before-and-after photos on Instagram Monday. “Thanks to @chef_lawrence_d cooking.”

For fans concerned about the rapid weight gain, Wahlberg’s company Performance Inspired Nutrition clarified the “Ted” actor was going about it in a smart way.

“Doing it the healthy ‘weigh’ and keeping strong with hard #workouts!” the company wrote.

Jerry O’Connell was inspired by Will Smith‘s viral photo this weekend and showed off his dad bod while co-hosting the latest episode of The Talk!

Marlon Wayans ALSO has revealed he has packed on a few extra pounds during the PANDEMIC, but VOWS to get back into FIGHTING shape BY JULY!

GYM BOD, or DAD BOD, either way the FANS still LOVE the TALENT and CRAFT of all the GUYS…. But will be waiting for the REVEAL of the POST DAD BOD Challenge too!! IJS!


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