#DrUmar calls out ‘YouTube Lifecoach’ #KevinSamuels for tearing down Black Women! [vid]

Dr. Umar is CALLING out Kevin Samuels, and ‘YouTube Life coaches’ for BUILDING their platforms on the degradation of Black Women! Here is a BIT of what Umar had to say about the current situation we have on social media.

SHOTS HAVE BEEN FIRED!!! I mean, he does have a POINT to a degree.

Dr. Umar even said that some of the ‘LIFE COACHES’are using his OWN WORDS to DEGRADE women…

This is the most recent interview with Joe Budden that has raised a lot of eyebrows and got people to QUESTIONING, Samuels methods of ‘therapy’ or ‘advice’ he dishes out to his followers.

Samuels has yet to RESPOND to Dr. Umar Johnson, but the outspoken speaker has never been known so far to back down from criticism. This could get interesting…. LET’S KEEP an eye on this one…


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