#KandiBurruss names #BoyzIIMen her ‘worse collaborators’… #WanyaMorris CLAPS ALL THE WAY BACK—HARD! [vid]

So, Kandi chose to get herself on the RECEIVING end of a MAJOR CLAPBACK from an R&B GREAT! See, this is what happened….

During an Instagram live with The O’Jays singer Eddie Levert and his daughter Ryan Levert a few days ago, Kandi Burruss disclosed that Boyz II Men was amongst her worst collaborators in the studio. She didn’t go into DETAIL, but watch the EXCHANGE below!

WORD TRAVELS FAST… it appears from the VIDEO that Nathan Morris from BoyzIIMen called Wanya while he was in the middle of a LIVE to let him know that Kandi had said some SOUR things about the GROUP and Wanya went on a CLAPBACK spree in the NICEST, most SUCCINCT way POSSIBLE… caution… there is a HIGH LEVEL of SHADE in his CLASSY CLAPBACK!

#TheBlogger StraighfromtheA.com went into DETAIL on her LIVE as we DISSECTED, Wanya’s CLEVER CLAPBACKS.

This is a CAUTIONARY tale as to why one should ‘COME FOR SOMEONE’ unless they called for them. Kandi has been on TV for years. She SHOULD know all about MEDIA training. If someone asks you to say something NEGATIVE about someone else, she could have EASILY deflected the question, or FLIPPED the question back on the person who asked. She has managed to do that for all of 11 or so years on the RHOA. SO for her to BRING UP BOYZIIMEN’s name must’ve meant she wanted ALL THE SMOKE, and Wanya dealt it back to her in SPADES!

He said words like ‘DORMANT SEASON’, and ‘Stagnated’, to refer to Kandi’s PRODUCING stats since the 90’s and he said that he didn’t even CARE enough to spend too much time on the CLAPBACK! He even RAN DOWN the SHORT resume of the GREATS they worked with like Diane Warren, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Babyface, Mariah Carey to name a FEW… OUCH!


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