#Blueface has a house full of his ‘girlfriends’ all getting a tattoo of HIM! [vid]

Blueface-Stripper-Brawl-thegamuttThis REALLY happened. Rapper, Blueface posted a video showing a group of his girlfriends that were apparently living in his house, preparing to all get TATTOOS of the ‘Thotiana’ rapper!

In the video we can see the young ladies in various forms of ‘waking up’, as they prepare to get tattoos of the rapper. There are various bunk-styled beds, shown that let’s us know the ladies are living with him, or at least sleeping over. The ladies don’t appear to be held against their will, but the sight is still some what disturbing.
Who KNEW Blue had this type of ‘hold’ over these ladies…. The video isn’t breaking the law per se, but still looks pretty bad for the rapper. Blue has been ACCUSED of being misogynistic in the past…. so… UHHHH……
A further probe into these HIJINKS show that Blueface is possibly FILMING a ‘Bad Girl’s Club’ styled reality show that is rumored to be streamed directly to OnlyFans. So this video maybe a clip from this proposed upcoming show. Either way, it still looks odd.. but there is CLEARLY a market for people who would want to see this and he has a BEVY of beauties as ‘contestants’.. so… Blue maybe SMARTER than we think!



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