#RuthlessonBET season 2 ep 8 [full]


Last season, Ruthless left fans with the ultimate cliff-hanger when members of the Rakudushis were put to the test after vital information was revealed. Season two picks up right where we left off when the Rakudushi cult members begin to discover the horrors of life hidden behind the gates of the troubled compound, prompting a few of them to risk their lives to escape.

As the season continues, many of the faithful followers have begun to uncover the evil that exists beneath the surface of the Rakudushis movement. Armed with this knowledge, Ruth and several new fearful cult members try to take control of their individual destinies. The attempts will prove to be almost impossible for anyone who does not have allies they think they can trust. Viewers will see more the cult lies and murder in this cult that is living up to its fate. Being aware of false prophets has never reigned more true.
WATCH ‘Ruthless’ season 2 episode 8 below!


[640×360, 43:45]


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