Rumor Patrol! Viral star #WelvenDaGreat is ALIVE and WELL! [vid]

Despite reports from some media outlets, VIRAL comedic star, Welven Da Great is ALIVE and well!

Welven became SUPER POPULAR on SOCIAL MEDIA after his ‘Got EEM’ video went VIRAL! Since then he has been all over social media and made appearances around the industry.

In the last few days, rumors began to spread that the viral sensation had passed away. Not only were there death rumors, but a video surfaced with him at a train station in downtown Los Angeles that had fans concerned if he was homeless.

This has prompted Welven and one of his cousins to jump on SOCIAL MEDIA to let his fans know that he is ALIVE and WELL!

In the video shared on Instagram, Welven says, “I’m alive, and I’m okay.” His cousin wasted no time laying out the blogs for publishing the fake news. She said, “I wish that these blogs would stop with all these rumors about Welven being dead. He is very much alive. Welven has a family that loves and cares about him.” She continued,” I wish you guys would leave him alone and stop bullying him in these streets.” His cousin made sure to address that their family loves him and wants to take care of him, but he chooses to go back and forth in the streets.

FANS, rest assured that Welven is fine and if you do see him around the way, instead of trying to exploit him, try to assist him if he appears to need help.

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