#LilNasX CLAPS BACK after critics say he is only ‘Gay for Success’! [details]

lil-nas-x-grammy-awards-thegamuttLil’ Nas X is a BONAFIED success STORY! One moment he is sleeping on couch to couch as a teenager, to having a RECORD-BREAKING Diamond selling single with ‘Old Towne Road’! And the rest is HISTORY still being made….

Lil’ Nas X then went on to be completely TRANSPARENT when he shared that he was GAY! Most of his fans EMBRACED him for doing so, while some detractors shunned him for it. Either way, LNX continued to drop hit after hit and dominated the Billboard charts. Now some CRITICS are ALLEGING that X is only using his SEXUALITY as a way to ADVANCE his career.

In the wake of his latest success of his #1 hit single, “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name),” which is the rapper’s first song where he details a sexual relationship with another man, LNX is fighting back against the critics that are saying he’s only using his sexuality as a means to elevate his fame and status. X is CLAPPING back, and clapping HARD for those that believe his is ‘gay for pay’, so to speak.

Being gay and being a hip-hop artist never have gone hand in hand historically. So the ALLEGATIONS of the critics is almost a MOOT point. HIP-HOP does not categorically embrace homosexuality. Let’s be real. So if you are even SUSPECTED of being gay, your SALES and POPULARITY are sure to wane. But in LNX’s case, it’s the exact opposite effect. He is DOMINATING the game right now, so how can these CRITICS explain that. In an arena where his sexuality could be DAMNING to his success, he has prevailed, so it appears that the critics have to keep hating on this young man’s success. Because their claims don’t have much validity in the gran scheme of things. They will have to go back to their SOCIAL MEDIA accounts and dig up other info to support their theories, but these don’t hold water. Celebrate this young man’s success, if not, turn off the radio. Either way, LNX does not appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. And if you follow his social media accounts, it appears he has MORE ‘CLIPS in the chamber’ waiting to be released as he preps to drop his DEBUT album this Summer!


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