#420Day: #JaleelWhite brings back #Urkel to promote his cannabis line! #SnoopDogg COSIGNS! [vid]

Jaleel White BRINGS back his ICONIC ‘Urkel’ character to promote his new cannabis line!

On Saturday night, White was featured in the opening skit of the Jake Paul-Ben Askren Triller Fight Club alongside Snoop Dogg. In the skit, White reprised his role as Steve Urkel and sparked up some of the “Purple Urkle” weed with Snoop in a zany video to promote the new cannabis line.

White is partnering with 710 Labs on his new line, itsPurpl, which includes variants of the Purple Urkle weed strain and will launch in California TODAY on 4/20.


When you get a co-sign from Uncle Snoop, you KNOW you have something on your hands, right!?

GENIUS idea, and concept, and Jaleel is not AGING at all! Shout out to Jaleel and Snoop!


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