WAKE UP JAM: #MichaelJackson ‘I Can’t Help It’ was originally meant for #StevieWonder! [vid]


This is one of Michael Jackson’s SMOOTHEST ballads…in my opinion..

 ‘I Can’t Help It’ was written by Stevie Wonder and Susaye Greene and produced by Stevie Wonder and Quincy Jones. It wasn’t a single, it didn’t make or break Michael’s career. What people may NOT know is that has been sampled more times than any other song in the Michael Jackson catalog despite never being released officially as a single. Up beat music was what was en vogue in 1980, and I Can’t Help It was too mellow to make the cut then. What it has done is have a long life of play rotation and covers by other artists, and whole new generations discovering its melodic arrangement. Also, Stevie Wonder originally wrote the song for his 1976 album “Songs in the Key of Life,” but there was an INTERESTING backstory as to how the song landed in Michael’s lap….BELOW!

Stevie wrote the song for HIMSELF… but this happened:

And the rest is HISTORY….


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