Rumor Patrol: #Usher DID NOT tip strippers with fake money after all! [details]

Yesterday we ran a story from info received from the account of a stripper by the name of beel0ove on Instagram who posted that Usher was a patron at a club where she had worked in Vegas and he had tipped with ‘USHER BUCKS’, fake currency with his face on it. [Revisit that HERE]

Now we got WORD from the club in Vegas with this allegedly went down, and the Sapphire Club is REFUTING these claims with MORE DETAILS!

A rep for the club told TMZ that Usher did NOT tip the strippers with this fake money, and actually dished out thousands of REAL CURRENCY while also going on to tip the staff at large quite generously.

Page Six reports via email, Sapphire’s director of marketing, George M. Wilson, IV says, “Usher was a true gentleman and a great guest at the club and that they would love to host him again, anytime.

So how did the ‘Usher Bucks’ get into rotation? Well there is a SIMPLE explanation for this.

“Apparently someone in his team left some Usher dollars on the floor to promote his Vegas residency,” Wilson continued. “That is where it seems the confusion came in. But real actual cash was used for tips. We would love to host him again.”

Usher, 42, announced a Las Vegas residency at Caesar’s Palace — set to begin in July and ending January. 2022! Want TICKETS? Log on HERE!

Usher did not feed into the RUMOR, because basically, he didn’t HAVE TO. We all KNOW Usher has the ENDS to pay all his STRIPPER ‘FRIENDS’….

Case Closed.

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