#Saweetie gets ROASTED for pop collab with #GwenStefani,’Slow Clap’ [vid]

Saweetie has been BUSY in the past few months! She has had a series of CAREER highs and unfortunately some minor setbacks as well… but the West coast rapper is still PRESSING ON.

The ‘Tap In’ rapper recently snagged the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine, extended her publishing deal with Warner Chappell Music, and landed a major placement on Demi Lovato’s latest album Dancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over–so you can say her career is on the rise. Unfortunately, a disturbing video surfaced that showed her and then boyfriend, Quavo getting into a physical altercation in an elevator. Although Saweetie spoke on the matter and said that it happened a long time ago and that both parties had moved on from it, the scrutiny took a little wind out of her sails.

But LOW and BEHOLD, Saweetie has bounced back once again and has scored a collaboration with pop icon, Gwen Stefani! ‘Slow Cap’ is Gwen’s return to music and features a few bars from Saweetie and the ladies also released a BUBBLY, raucous video to accompany the track! But some of her fans are not THRILLED about her latest FORAY into the POP WORLD…. Take a LOOK!

Some FANS have CRITICIZED the new song as being TOO POP and straying away from her core audience. Of course, social media has had to chime in…


Needless to say, fans were not AMUSED.
This is a problem we have. We PIGEON-HOLD artists in to thinking they can only do one thing, or feel they should just stay in one lane. Although the song is not the Gwen we may have remembered, it is good to see Saweetie ‘DIVERSIFY her portfolio’. It’s okay to try different genres, lanes and experiments to see what STICKS. The TRUE fans will follow you on the JOURNEY…. Let’s give a ‘SLOW CLAP’ to Gwen and Saweetie, scratch that, let’s give them a round of applause…


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