#BlackRob gives an update on his medical situation! [VID]

It’s heartbreaking when some of our FAVE celebs fall on hard times.  Earlier, Black Rob shared a tribute to DMX from a hospital bed, causing his fans to worry about his own medical state.


Now Rob gives us MORE INSIGHT on just how he is and how hard his medical plight has been for the past few years.

Hopefully these videos will encourage some of his celebrity friends to REACH OUT to give him some assistance. Maybe his LABEL, Bad Boy Records will help.

Celebs should invest in their future while they have the ENDS to do so. Save for a rainy day and invest in health and medical insurance…

When the MONEY is flowing, some forget that it can DRY UP quickly.. so PLAN while you can….

Let’s hope someone REACHES OUT to him… If I could I would… but hopefully the RIGHT people will see this and lend a helping hand….

Prayers to Black Rob….


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