NEW VIDEO: #Mooski drops visual for ‘Trackstar’ amid some controversy with TikToker #CityBoyJ! [Vid]

Mooski has dropped the visual for his SMASH HIT, ‘Trackstar’ that is STEADILY climbing the CHARTS as we speak!

The song has been on Billboard 100’s chart for 6 weeks and has peaked at #47 so far. This is his first entry!

Much of his CHART success to date was due in part to a dance challenge on Tik Tok . But there is some CONTROVERSY surrounding the new video.

When everyday people create dance challenges that help an artist’s single go viral on social media, often the artist will include the person in promoting the track. Megan The Stallion highlighted the young lady responsible for the TikTok “Savage” challenge and Doja Cat not only gave her “Say So” dance challenge creator a shout out, but she performed a portion of the moves live. Mooski’s “Track Star” has been huge online with much thanks to a TikToker named “City Boy J,” but after the visual dropped, J returned to Instagram to share why he claims he was excluded from the visual.

Check the visual:

I can’t discern if elements of the TikToker’s challenge were incorporated into the visual or not… If so, it would have been a GOOD LOOK for the artist to give a cameo to the dance creator, if not but 30 seconds. There maybe reasons Mooski did not include City Boy J in the visual. It maybe branding reasons or other,we don’t know. But if he helped with the success of the song, he should be noted as such….

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