SPIN CITY! #KhloeKardashian SPEAKS OUT after SCRAMBLE to erase photo leak! Blames history of Bodyshaming! [pics]

You know the Kardashians know how to SPIN a STORY, right? SO NOW Khloe is turning the tables on the photo leak!

Khloe Kardashian is SPEAKING OUT after an unflattering photo of her in a BIKINI made the ROUNDS on the Net yesterday.

The Kardashian MACHINE tried to get the PHOTO scrubbed from the Internet even sending publications copyright infringement threats if they did not remove the photos. (We have them for your viewing pleasure btw).

Now Khloe is SPEAKING out and letting us KNOW that her BODY is indeed in GOOD SHAPE now, and that years of BODYSHAMING and being deemed the ‘ugly sister’ and claims that Robert Kardashian was NOT her real father lead to the mad scurry to have the photos removed. Here is what the ‘Revenge Body’ star had to say:

I love the SPIN, but what would have been even better if she would just EMBRACE her true look. She would have gained MUCH MORE praise that way, then GLORIFYING this new, surgically enhanced body image . Yes, she looks good now, but after COUNTLESS surgical procedures, is this what we are telling girls of the world? If people call you names for your looks that you were born with, save enough money to get plastic surgery. Not sure if THAT message is what we need, but hey, that’s the world we live in now….


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