WATCH: #Verzuz: #TheIsleyBrothers vs #EarthWindandFire [full]


Last night (Easter Sunday 2021) was EPIC! Two of the GREATEST groups in HISTORY sat down TOGETHER and we had a CELEBRATION! Earth,Wind & Fire versus The Isley Brothers! DECADES of HITS between the TWO going back to 1959! TIMELESS CLASSICS and STORIES for days… Steve Harvey HOSTED and he could BARELY contain his FANDEMONIUM at basking in the PRESENCE of these two JUGGERNAUT acts under the same ROOF! It was a PARTY of MUTUAL ADMIRATION between the GREATS and we were all TOO THRILLED to see it… The MEMORIES, the MOODS, the OUTFITS and the SOUNDTRACK curated by the ICONIC DJ DNICE to BOOT! It was VERZUZ SLASH The STEVE Harvey Show SLASH Club Quarantine that last 4 hours and actually STARTED right on TIME! NEW JACKS take notes, this was a MASTERCLASS in MUSIC theory… for those that MISSED IT.. REVISIT the WHOLE AFFAIR after the JUMP!!!


Part 2

Part 3


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