‘SHOTS FIRED’!? #SouthSide sends THREATS to #LilUzi after Uzi goes OFF on #YungMiami! [vid]

yungmiami-uzi-thegamuttTHERE is BEEF in these STREETS! WHEW! the DEVIL is BUSY!
So APPARENTLY Uzi and Young Miami of City Girls are BEEFING!

Now the BOYFRIENDS are BEEFING with each other… Southside is not about the GAMES. He took to LIVE to DROP some THREATS to Uzi!
Southside sends a message to Lil Uzi after his short conversation on live with Yung Miami:

“Don’t say nothing else to my b*tch——I’m the same n***a that saved you from getting robbed from Offset and them n***a, don’t forget that.”
Who KNEW Offset tried to ROB Uzi at one point!? What is GOING ON HERE?
Check the VIDEO!



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