#ThirstTrap: #DownToEarth’s #ZacEfron’s AB GAME is SICKNING! [vid]

Zac Efron’s FITNESS game has been KEY to his success in his career so far… Who knew his AB regiment was so GRUELING!

Efron is currently in Australia shooting the second season of ‘Down to Earth with Zac Efron’, which shows him traveling around the world exploring healthy sustainable ways to live.

He took some time off to share a few Instagram pics taken during a workout featuring Bombas socks which donates a pair to charity for every pair purchased.
Swimming with the dolphins….

Training with Juju…. And you wonder how he got those abs, RIGHT??

Season 2 of ‘Down To Earth’ sees Efron reunited with wellness expert Darin Olien as the pair travel around Australia in search of sustainable practices and healthy lifestyles, all the while educating and enlightening viewers by exploring local food, custom and culture throughout their journey. Wholesome, right?

The first season of the show turned out to be a surprise hit with critics and viewers when it premiered on Netflix in July last year, and although Netflix doesn’t tend to release viewership numbers the show grew a big fanbase on social media and proved to be a huge hit for the streamer.

Production has just begun on the new series with a premiere date reportedly expected sometime in 2022.


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