Rumor Has It.. #Migos JUMPED #JustinLaboy in Atlanta for #Saweetie 3-some questions! [vid]

I have been trying to FIND some EVIDENCE about the truth of this RUMOR all morning. WORD FROM THE CURB is that Migos JUMPED Justin LaBoy, INSTAGRAMMER and ‘Respectfully Justin’ host in Atlanta recently for comments he made about Saweetie and a THREESOME!

If you recall, Saweetie was a GUEST on Laboy’s show and made answered QUESTIONS about a possible THREESOME between her and her PARTNER… SOME BELIEVE this factored into the two (Quavo & Saweetie) splitting…

In case you MISSED..revisit the INTERVIEW …

Now RUMORS are SWIRLING that Migos JUMPED LaBoy in Atlanta recently…

All night on social media, people have been speaking about Justin LaBoy reportedly getting jumped by the Migos at a nightclub. There is presently no video evidence of the attack but alleged eyewitnesses say something went down in the city, ending with LaBoy on the ground after getting the BEATDOWN from Quavo and CREW.

SOCIAL MEDIA has been asking LABOY the QUESTION and he has DODGED answering…. and Migos has not spoken on the rumor either, but SOCIAL MEDIA is having a FIELD DAY with the RUMOR:

If Akademiks ain’t spoke on it yet as the OFFICIAL EYEWITNESS—did it even HAPPEN?


We shall keep SEARCHING….

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