WATCH: #BelleCollective season 1 ep 11: ‘Reunion Part 2’ [full]

belleCollective1-TheGamuttFive of Mississippi’s Black female entrepreneurs work together to redevelop a struggling mid-20th century historic district. The women represent Mississippi’s Black female entrepreneurs, determined to break ceilings – glass and otherwise – while shredding long-held stereotypes of the South, the network says. The women try to set aside their differences to redevelop a mid-20th century historic district, Farish Street, that was once the hub for Black-owned businesses.


Egypt Sherrod gets updates from the cast members as they spill the beans on some of their conflicts. The ladies of Belle Collective return for part two of the reunion special. Joined on the couch by their husbands, rekindled romance and rumors of outside children, flirty night when the Hennesy was pouring, and SOUL MATES Essie & Marie dish on their ‘BOND’ add fuel onto the fire at the end of an already exciting season!…….. WATCH ‘Belle Collective’ season 1 episode 11 BELOW!!



[640×360, 41:27]

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