The PROBLEM with Sharon! #TheTalk EXTENDS HIATUS after #SharonOsbourne RACIST allegations MELTDOWN! [vid]

‘The Talk’ chatfest is in TROUBLE and the TROUBLE is Sharon Osbourne.

This STORY has so many TWISTS and TURNS and is STILL evolving, but the FALLOUT is going to be FELT for a long time to come. In case you have been under a ROCK, co-host Osbourne got into a HEATED discussion with co-host Sheryl Underwood after she went to social media in DEFENSE of Piers Morgan.

Piers Morgan had his OWN meltdown after being called out on live TV over his RACISTS commentary of Megan Markle.

Sharon DEFENDED him and when Sheryl asked for CLARITY, the TEARS flowed as Sharon PLEADED with her fellow co-hosts on LIVE TV. Check out the BREAK DOWN.

Clearly, Sharon does not fully understand RACIST RHETORIC…

Piers was ANGRY Meghan did not BOW DOWN to him as a WHITE MAN and give him a second date, if you can call it a date, and since–he has been SCORNED!

Sheryl Underwood EXPERTLY handles Sharon as she falls apart in TEARS, Sheryl tries to make an AWKWARD moment a TEACHABLE moment but Sharon was not LISTENING. First of all, Underwood NEVER said Sharon was RACIST. She wanted CLARITY but Sharon cared more about the PERCEPTION of her being RACIST. But all of this could have been avoided. She could have CALLED Piers and offered her support to him OFF CAMERA and OFF OF SOCIAL media. She stepped into an ANT’S nest that she didn’t have to.

This could have been an EMAIL or a text…privately. Since she made it PUBLIC, deal with the PUBLIC outcry.

Those TEARS may not be enough to save her in the COURT of PUBLIC OPINION. ‘The Talk’ has been on HIATUS as they investigate….

I liked Sharon Osbourne… but it appears that CBS has a TOUGH CHOICE here. FIRE her or put her on ICE for a moment, but her COMMENTS and SUPPORT of MORGAN can be seen as RACIST… so where do we go from here?

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