3rd ACCUSER files lawsuit against #Texans star #DeshaunWatson! Alleges FORCED ORAL SEX! [details]

deshaun-watson-thegamuttThe lawsuits against Houston Texans quarterback, Deshaun Watson are piling on. A third accuser has come forth alleging the QB tried to FORCE her to give oral sex during a massage session!

The woman, who filed her suit under the pseudonym Jane Doe to protect her identity, claims Watson reached out on Instagram to set up a session.

The woman says the two agreed to an appointment at a Houston, Texas office building on Dec. 28, 2020 at 10 a.m.

Jane Doe — who claims she was newly engaged and had just graduated chiropractic school — says her mother dropped her off at the job, and then she met Watson … and that’s when she claims things immediately got weird.

The woman says Watson insisted she focus on massaging his “inner thighs” and “inner glutes” — while repeatedly telling her he’s a professional football player.

She claims Watson “got more aggressive” — and eventually “coerced [Jane Doe] to move her mouth toward his penis, forcing [Jane Doe] to perform oral sex on him.”

The woman claims she never consented to the sex act … and actually “blacked out for a few minutes from the fear.”

In her suit, the woman claims she was so terrified, she defecated on herself.

The woman says Watson got up, got dressed and left as if nothing happened.

The woman is suing for sexual assault, civil assault and intentional inflection of emotional distress.

It’s the third lawsuit filed against Watson by attorney Tony Buzbee … who claims there are at least 3 other women who will be taking legal action against the Houston Texans player.

Watson has not been arrest nor charged with a crime … and has adamantly denied all wrongdoing, insisting Buzbee is just trying to score an unwarranted payday for the women.

The other two lawsuits that have been previously filed against Watson contain similar allegations — with two massage therapists alleging sexual misconduct against the QB during massage sessions that were initiated over social media.
Watson has denied the allegations:

The LAWYER’S statement makes it sound like a MONEY PLAY…
Read for yourself…



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