LOST FILES! #FoxyBrown #LilKim 1997’Enjoy Yourself’ COLLAB RESURFACES![vid]


Hip Hop HEADS all KNOW that TWO of the GREATEST HIP HOP RIVALS, started out as FRIENDS. Lil’ Kim & Foxy Brown were actually PALS in the BEGINNING. WORD from the CURB is that Kim had a hand in getting Foxy noticed by Nas & Jay-Z to get her START in the GAME!

The FEMCEE pioneers DEBUT albums dropped within WEEKS of each other and BOTH shouted each other out on WAX on their RESPECTIVE albums–but all of that went AWRY…
So it is NO SURPRISE that the powers that be had LINED up a JOINT album for the two BUDDING RAP QUEENS back in 1997 dubbed ‘Thelma & Louise’ after the buddy flick movie by the same title. The ALBUM was SHELVED because of the BEEF between the two that lasts to this day…. BUT THERE were TRACKS that floated around the INDUSTRY. ‘Enjoy Yourself’ was one said track that has RESURFACED recently–

During an appearance on Fat Joe‘s Instagram Live this week, former Bad Boy producer Rashad Smith played a snippet of the unreleased track. Called ‘Enjoy Yourself,’ was reportedly set to appear on Foxy and Kim’s ill-fated joint album ‘Thelma and Louise’ back in 1997.


When PRESSED for Kim’s verse, the producer replied, ‘Soon Come’.

JUST DROP THE DAMN SONG if you got it! WHAT HARM could it DO…???


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