MAG TAG: ‘Men’s Health’-Train like #MichaelBJordan! [vid]

Actor, turned director, Michael B. Jordan covers the latest edition of ‘Men’s Health’ magazine and he TRAINS like a NAVY SEAL to get his IMPRESSIVE physique. YOU TOO can can get RIPPED like MIKE!

Michael B. Jordan, actor, director, social-justice activist, and Sexiest Man Alive, shows his total-body workout from the beautiful island of St. Barts. He talks training to play a U.S. Navy SEAL in the new film “Without Remorse” and training prep for Creed III.

When the world slammed to a halt last spring, so did Jordan. The wave of uncertainty that swept every industry seemingly upended Hollywood overnight. He was forced to rethink which film projects he could tackle next—an enviable position to be in, what with the fickle nature of the movie business, but the 34-year-old had just hit a different kind of stride. After the one-two punch of the Creed franchise and Black Panther cemented his leading-man status, Jordan was laying the groundwork for the next phase of his career—one in which he wasn’t just a screen idol but also a Hollywood mogul of his own making, with a slew of films he would star in, produce, and, in the case of the third Creed film, direct. And then the virus disrupted his plans.

“I had three films lined up [for 2020] . . . potential projects that I had been nurturing for a long time,” he says. “I had really tough choices to make on which projects had the most chance at actually getting green-lit . . . based upon the pandemic and where we could shoot. I was trying to get to a place where I could, in my mind, take a slight break. That break just got moved up a little bit.”

“I’ve been playing chess in this industry for a long time, and people often don’t understand what that really means,” he tells me. “You’re in an industry, in a profession, where sometimes your success and your popularity go hand in hand. When you’ve got to do things that are unpopular, you’ve got to move with your intuition, your gut, and what you know is right for the long run, even though people may not understand it.”

His latest film, Without Remorse (out April 30 on Prime Video), is no exception to this line of thinking. Jordan stars as John Clark, a U. S. Navy SEAL who seeks vengeance against his wife’s murderers, only to find himself inside a grand conspiracy. The adaptation of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan spin-off has been in development hell since the early days of the Clinton administration, and the actors attached to the role have run the gamut of the white action superstars you’d expect. Early into the film, there’s a scene in which Clark laments serving a country that doesn’t love him back. It’s a line that Tom Hardy or Matt Damon or Tom Cruise wouldn’t have had to utter, and a subtle reminder that Jordan is always cognizant of his responsibility as a Black man in Hollywood even while delivering slick popcorn flicks.

“You take these roles that aren’t written specifically for [you] because they have a platform, and you inject yourself and your experience into the character. That’s the Trojan horse,” he says before confirming my suspicion that he requested that the line be added to the script. “Until this past year or so, that was a lot harder to do. We’re in this moment in time where I think that now more than ever, places are looking for that, because if not, there are ramifications [and] criticism. The conversations that we have behind closed doors in the development process . . . you have to impose your will and you have to fight for ideas and thoughts, and characters and decisions. It’s a constant thing.”

[via: Men’s Health]

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