#TheBachelor season 25 episode 10 ‘Week 10’ [full ep]

MattJames-TheGamuttNot too many parents, regardless of race, would be comfortable having their adult child confront them on national television about their shortcomings.

But there was just something so authentically Black about the way Manny James reacted when his son, Matt James, discussed his feelings of abandonment on this Monday’s The Bachelor that made the moment riveting, if not slightly uncomfortable to watch. Culturally, people of the African diaspora don’t like putting their business in the streets. That said, Manny knew that he’d messed up with Matt in the past and tried to work his way through the discomfort, sweaty head, incredulous faces and all. Matt said he needed to talk to Manny about not being there for him as a kid not to embarrass his father, but to gain closure….. WATCH ‘The Bachelor’ season 25 episode 10 after the JUMP!

The Bachelor S25E10-HDTV-X264-NGRP

[640×360, 01:24:15]


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