#Coming2America: #ArsenioHall admits to feeling PRESSURE for the sequel to be a success! [Details]


It’s been over 30 years since ‘Coming To America’ hit the big screen!  The movie is an ALL TIME CLASSIC with a CULT FOLLOWING that spans GENERATIONS!  Then a SEQUEL comes into view.  You think there is PRESSURE to live up to the ORIGINAL and still resonate with fans in 2021–you better BELIEVE it!

Arsenio Hall reprises his role as ‘Semmi’–Prince Akeem’s ( now set to be King Akeem) trusty right hand man.

Hall admits that after reading comments from fans on Twitter he became aware just how much the original movie means to people which amplified expectations for the follow-up film to be a success.

Hall explained: “I’m a big social media nut. Eddie’s not so much into social media. One day we’re sitting at his house, and I’m looking at something. I’m reading different stuff.

“I guess I said something like, ‘Wow’. He said, ‘What?’ It was somebody tweeting saying, ‘Don’t y’all f— it up.’ I was like, ‘I never thought about it that way.’

“Here’s what I got out of the entire tweet: ‘That’s our movie. My daddy used to make us watch that once a year like The Wizard of Oz at the house. Don’t y’all f— it up.’ ”

Hall admits that the message “shook him up” even though his response was met with disapproval by Murphy.

He told Complex: “I was like, ‘Eddie…’ He said, ‘First of all, put that f—— phone down, man. Somebody got to you like that? Put your f—— phone down.’

“But I had never thought about the fact that it means a lot to people, and they put that in our arms and say, ‘Care for it and do it right, y’all.’

“That shook me up, but I’ll tell you what it did. It made me go read the script three more times in a row and say, ‘Let me get ready for this s—.’”

Hall insists the story is a “perfect” continuation from the 1988 movie.

He said: “When you do something like this, it’s really all about storytelling. The story, the continuation of the story, is really perfect and wonderful. I love that.”

In the original, Murphy’s character travels to New York City from a fictional African nation to escape an arranged marriage and find an American wife.

The sequel, which is set after the events of the first film, sees Akeem, who is set to become king of Zamunda, discover he has a son in America named Lavelle (Jermaine Fowler), who he knew nothing about.  I was lucky enough to be a part of the film, and I can GUARANTEE that this STORY is an EXCELLENT continuation of the original packed full of CAMEOS and reminders from the original and LOTS of UNEXPECTED twists and turns!  Fans young and old will be THRILLED and PLEASANTLY surprised with the finished product!  An excellent FAMILY NIGHT movie for all.  Make sure you revisit the ORIGINAL first so when you see the NODS back to it in the SEQUEL, you will get the CONNECTION.

I watched the original the other day and saw things that I hadn’t realized as a child.  So now as an ADULT, it all makes sense.  The sequel MAKES sense and unfolds MASTERFULLY!  You will ENJOY!

Coming 2 America — from Paramount Pictures — will stream on Prime Video on March 5, 2021

Make sure you STREAM and tell your friends!


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