#SwizzBeatz & #Timbaland meet up FOR THE 1st time since starting #Verzuz! [pics]

‘Verzuz’ is now a CULTURAL phenomenon that was BIRTHED during a time when we needed it MOST–during the PANDEMIC!

When we were all on LOCKDOWN, MEGA producers and artists in their own right, Timbaland and Swizz Beatz CREATED something to BRING together the WORLD during a TIME when normal day- to day activity STOPPED as we KNEW it, and we were CONFINED to our homes with LIMITED outlets for ENTERTAINMENT. The two BRIDGED the gap between GREAT musical TALENT and their FANS during a TIME where that type of INTERACTION was NULL and VOID!

Out of necessity ‘VERZUZ’ was BIRTHED–a showcase of ICONIC musical acts’ CATALOGS– a celebration of their IMPACT on the CULTURE and a ‘family reunion’ of sorts with the WEALTH of NOSTALGIA and ‘feel good’ moments we have ALL experienced listening to our FAVES in their ELEMENT. One may be SURPRISED to know that since it’s INCEPTION, the two CREATORS had not seen each other in person!

Some insiders may have known, but it wasn’t until recently that we found out that Timbaland and Swizz had not seen each other since they created this ENTITY that has connected the WORLD… until NOW!

The two have FINALLY reunited and you can tell that the MOMENT was EPIC!

Timbaland took to TWITTER to express his EXCITEMENT!

Look at TIM’s face! That speaks VOLUMES! Swizz took to INSTAGRAM to share a similar sentiment!

Mutual ADMIRATION from two VERY INNOVATIVE creative beings! We can SEE that this MEETING was LONG overdue and can only IMAGINE how PRODUCTIVE this encounter was. We look FORWARD to see what’s NEXT from these TWO in the Verzuz Universe! Thank you guys for all that you do and have DONE, and we LOOK forward to what’s yet to COME!


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