WATCH: #BelleCollective season 1 ep 7:’Sistervention’ [full]

belleCollective1-TheGamuttFive of Mississippi’s Black female entrepreneurs work together to redevelop a struggling mid-20th century historic district. The women represent Mississippi’s Black female entrepreneurs, determined to break ceilings – glass and otherwise – while shredding long-held stereotypes of the South, the network says. The women try to set aside their differences to redevelop a mid-20th century historic district, Farish Street, that was once the hub for Black-owned businesses.

Gossip about Lateshia’s brunches has tarnished her reputation in Jackson and put her Farish Street project on hold; Tambra stages a sistervention to force Lateshia to accept that Marie’s behavior is ruining her brand…… WATCH ‘Belle Collective’ season 1 episode 7 BELOW!!

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