Social media is CLOWNING #ToryLanez for his RAGGEDY HAIRLINE! [pics]

Tory Lanez has been in the media ALOT lately…

Boasting about collabs coming down the pipeline with heavy hitters in the game and the like.  Some critics are still at his neck for his treatment of Megan Thee Stallion…

These critics were just alley-ooped a gift that will keep on GIVING for sure! 
Some pics have surfaced showing Tory playing basketball recently and his HAIRLINE, or lack thereof is the BUTT of all the jokes!  Lanez has taken the saying, “I took the top off” too literally!  His head is RAGGEDY….just tore up!  Take a LOOK!

They are EATING Tory’s ass up on TWITTER!!!

How does one come back from this type of RIDICULE!?

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