#Pardi BUSTS IN on #MeganTheeStallion while she was using the bathroom on LIVE! [vid]

What’s wrong with these KIDS? Pardi busts in on Meg Thee Stallion while she is using that bathroom!

During an Instagram live, it appears that we hear Pardi’s voice, while Megan The Stallion and friends were in a bathroom together. There are reports that that Megan and Pardi were allegedly dating, and this seems this latest incident confirms the rumors.

In the video you can seemingly hear Pardi say, “tell Megan to come to the door,” clearly the mans voice was aggravated. He says, “y’all got five seconds before I come through this sh*t,” and then a door opens. Women are seen in the video, and one of them tells the man that someone is using the restroom. Although Megan is not seen on the video, you can seemingly hear her voice.

The video abruptly ends after a man tells everyone to leave the bathroom.. .TAKE A LOOK



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