Kiki’s ValenTIME’S day make-up tutorial! #HappyValentinesDay [vid]

Who’s going out tonight!??

kiki-valentimes-thegamuttWell a lot of the LADIES are hoping, well EXPECTING to be taken OUT tonight for Valentine’s Day, so Benji Brown via Kiki is here to save the DAY!

Just make sure you guys WEAR YOUR MASKS and wash your DAMN HANDS and stuff!  We in a PANDEMONIUM….according to KiKi!  lol


She is going to TEACH you the DO’s and DON’TS of looking good with a NEW ‘VALENTIME’S DAY Make-Up Tutorial! So just pull out your PALETTES, and follow along, especially you ‘DRY-FACED Hoes’! LOL.

If that was not enough EDUCATION for you…REVISIT another one for more TIPS!

This guy is always funny…that VOICE…

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