#TishaCampbell & #TichinaArnold SCORE their own TALK SHOW! [details]

WORD FROM THE CURB is that LIFELONG friends, Tichina Arnold and Tisha Campbell have scored their very own TALK SHOW GIG!

According to Essence mag, the two COMEDIC actresses will be will be launching ‘Tisha & Tichina Have Issues’, a new talk show putting a twist on celebrity interviews.

The talk show will welcome Campbell and Arnold’s inner celebrity circle to spill their personal insight on the momentous points in their career, their most comedic tales, and their relationships with the hosts. In light of the pandemic, the show will be filmed from their homes.
Now a lot of fans will remember the DUO as bestfriends for 5 seasons on the MEGA HIT comedy, ‘Martin’, but the TWO go back FARTHER than that!

Long before they shared the screen on ‘Martin’, Tisha Campbell and Tichina Arnold were best friends and roommates. In fact, they first starred together back in 1986’s ‘Little Shop of Horrors’, where they appeared in a singing and dancing trio.

LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, from left: Michelle Weeks, Tisha Campbell, Tichina Arnold, 1986, © Warner Brothers

Their friendship has spanned over 30 years through marriages, divorces, and career opportunities and they have managed to STAY WORKING and to stay in each other’s lives always supporting the other along the way. How many can say they have that type pf FRIENDSHIP!? I ALWAYS root for these two–always!

“Tichina and I have worked together and known each other so long…we finish each other’s jokes!,” Campbell said. “I’m happy that me and my bestie will have the opportunity to create and enjoy a platform where our audience can get intimate with us — and when our celebrity guests come through, they can bring on a friend so we can all get to know them in a more fun, open and candid way.”

“I am pleased to be working with Thinkfactory and my long-time friend and colleague Tisha Campbell on our dream project,” Arnold added. “Never before has television played a greater role in our communities, and I feel certain that connecting through our brand of positivity and laughter is sure to shine through to our forever faithful fans.”

I was HOPING Tisha would’ve landed that co-hosting gig on ‘The Real’. She had been filling in multiple times as the ladies shifted co-hosts, and the CHEMISTRY was unbelievable! And who DOESN’T LOVE Tisha Campbell? But that didn’t happened, but now we see that she has her OWN thing with her BESTIE and that reward is even BETTER!

Arnold has STAYED busy since ‘Martin’ on starring roles in FILM and TV, with shows like Starz ‘Survivor’s Remorse’, ‘Everybody Hates Chris’, and more recently, ‘The Neighborhood’ on CBS. We love to see them ONSCREEN. And let’s not FORGET every time they come together to host the ‘Soul Train Awards’ it’s always a GOOD TIME from beginning to end. I can’t WAIT to see what these two BRING to the TALK SHOW circuit!

The series will be executive produced by Campbell, Arnold, and Andrew Jameson (POWER). ITV America’s Thinkfactory Media will produce the show. Tisha & Tichina Have Issues is currently in development and will soon land with a network and/or streaming platform.

All of these years later, Campbell and Arnold are closer than they’ve ever been. “We’re really alike even though most people—we don’t act [like] it,” Campbell told ESSENCE. “We’re very similar in the way that we’re givers. We give to our families; we give to our children, we give 100% to our work…we’re givers. I call it empaths. And sometimes, being an empath can work for you or against you.”

As SOON as we know when this will LAUNCH, you know we will keep you UP TO DATE!

CONGRATS to TISHA & Tichina, we can’t WAIT!


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