#BET brings back #BETUncut leading up to #ValentinesDay weekend! [details]

BET-Uncut-theGamuttWho remembers ‘BET: Uncut’!? The now defunct block of programming aired on the network from 2001-2006, introduced viewers to the most explicit and sexual music videos to come out at the time.

Airing controversial videos such as Nelly’s “Tip Drill” and Ludacris’ “P-Poppin’,” BET provided an innovative and first-of-a-kind platform for artists to showcase their raunchy music videos. With the show airing in the late hours of the night, Uncut’s five-year run on the network became a hit amongst male viewers of BET. Fast forward to 2021, and BET announces that ‘UNCUT’ is coming back….for a VISIT this WEEK!

BET announced: “We are bringing #BETUncut back temporarily all week long for Valentines Day weekend,” the tweet announcement said. “Completely uncensored conversations about any and anything you want!”



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