#MichaelBJordan’s SULTRY #Amazon #SuperBowlLV advert is just the TIP of the Iceberg of a new venture with #RocNation! [vid]

Super Bowl LV fans may have been titlated and tantalized by the new Amazon ALEXA advert starring Michael B. Jordan. In the ad a woman imagines that the ‘Creed’ actor is the physical exterior for Alexa and, before we know it, she is having him turn on the sprinklers while standing under them — of course — and dimming the lights by removing his shirt. (Hey, who said big-budget commercials had to be logical?) Jordan even reads a sexy-sounding book from the bathtub. Who wouldn’t want this upgrade when most of us can’t even get Alexa to respond half the time? Well, maybe the commercial lady’s unimpressed husband. Take a look!

The sexy, yet funny ad is just the tip of the iceberg of BIGGER things to come–a new venture that involves Jay-Z no less. Alongside Jay-Z‘s Roc Nation, Jordan’s Outlier Society will executive produce a limited series on the life of Muhammad Ali for the streaming service.

“It’s an incredible honor and I bring tons of respect to it,” the Creed actor told Deadline. “It’s a healthy weight to carry, to be able to tell the story of Muhammad Ali. It’s called The Greatest right now and we’re partnered with Roc Nation on the music side of things. It’s a project where we’ve partnered with the estate and we’ll be able to tell this story with no red tape.”

“It’s a limited series that will really dive into the life of Muhammad Ali,” he continued. “I’m not going to be too specific beyond that, but we’ll be able to get to know him in ways we haven’t had a chance to before.” The award-winning actor went on to share his excitement behind the project as not only a boxing enthusiast but also someone who has been living in the world of boxing for “the past five or six years with the Creed franchise.”

Although Jordan has no intentions of playing the late Ali, he sees the limited series as an opportunity to go “beyond the ring and more into the man” as a Civil Rights activist.

Outlier Society’s TV deal with Amazon Studios has now been extended to include an exclusive overall pact for television and a new first-look film deal. His production company will produce and acquire films that reflect their commitment to increasing representation and diversity within the entertainment industry.


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