SPLITSVILLE! #KarruecheTran and #VictorCruz SPLIT after 3 years! [details]

Victor-Cruz-Karrueche-Tran-thegamuttThis one is a SHOCKER…. after 3 years of being together Karrueche Tran and Victor Cruz have SPLIT UP!!

After three years together, Super Bowl champion Victor Cruz and actress Karrueche Tran have split, a source exclusively confirmed to E! News. “Right now, they are focused on continuing to grow their successful careers,” explained the insider. “There are no hard feelings. This is just a case of two people moving forward in life separately.”

Back in December 2017, the duo went public with their then-budding romance, stepping out hand-in-hand during an L.A. date night. From then on, they became a staple on the red carpet and at Hollywood events, including the MTV Video Music Awards, the BET Awards and, of course, New York Fashion Week.

However, amid the coronavirus pandemic, their already bi-coastal relationship turned into an indefinitely long distance one, with the E! correspondent at home in New Jersey with his 9-year-old daughter Kennedy while the Claws star remained on the west coast.

Looking for the silver lining in quarantine, they used the opportunity to really learn about one another. “Every day I’m like, ‘Well, tell me something you’ve probably never told me before,'” he said. “Now, we’re forced every day to have these conversations and some are deeper than others…I’m happy about this time in that regard.”

And even today, they remain just that: Happy despite their breakup. Explained the source, “They will always wish the best for each other.”

Sad to see this celeb couple SPLIT… but we know, Chris Brown still holds a candle for Tran, so…… Let’s see what HAPPENS next!


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