#NickCannon contracts #Covid19! REPLACED on #TheMaskedSinger by #NiecyNash! [details]

nick_cannon_niecy_nash-thegamutt‘The Masked Singer’ season 5 has experienced a BRIEF cast shake-up! Multi-hyphenate entertainer, Nick Cannon has contracted Covid- 19 and has been IMMEDIATELY sequestered from the rest of the cast. There is no word yet if Cannon is experiencing any symptoms associated with the contagious virus.

Producer’s of the hit Fox reality show has temporarily replaced Cannon with Niecy Nash until he returns to set.
Cannon’s COVID-19 diagnosis also will greatly impact his personal life. The “Wild ‘n Out” creator, 40, and his girlfriend, Brittany Bell, celebrated the arrival of their second child together, daughter Powerful Queen Cannon, on Christmas Day.

Producers expect Cannon’s quarantine to last at least through the first few episodes of “The Masked Singer’s” fifth season.

Let’s wish Nick a speedy recovery but in the MEANTIME, let’s WELCOME Niecy Nash to the family. We are SURE she will do a GREAT JOB. Who DOESN’T love Niecy!?
As for what we can expect for season 5 of ‘The Masked Singer’…. executive producer Craig Plestis told Deadline in May 2020 that he wants to raise the weirdness quotient to another level.

“I want to increase the bonkers level and keep the production values up,” he said. “There are things that you’re going to see in [Season 4] that you haven’t seen anywhere else, not only here but anywhere in the globe.”

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