#LilNasX has a #SuperBowlLV ad for #LogiTech! [vid]

lilnasx-logitech-thegamuttLook who has a Super Bowl advert for Logitech!?

A new brand partnership between Lil Nas X and Logitech, the Swiss digital product company, will include a high-profile Super Bowl commercial. The 60-second spot is part of the marketer’s new brand campaign “Defy Logic” that focuses on creators, artists and activists.


“We stand here in defiance,” says Lil NasX in the spot. “We the makers, we the groundbreakers, we the creators, the streamers, the dreamers. We defy expectations, perceptions and misconceptions.” The video shows people engaging in creative pursuits like drawing, putting on makeup and making music.

At the end, Lil Nas X concludes, “To create the future, we must defy the logic of the past. We must defy logic.”


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