#DojaCat’s ‘Streets’ sees #Billboard BOOST in light of #SilhouetteChallenge! [vid]

This is the THING to do… got a song, want it to o BIG, make a CHALLENGE! This formula has WORKED and will continue to work it appears!

The latest challenge, ‘The Silhouette Challenge’ is doing just that for Doja Cat! In case you didn’t know the viral TikTok challenge is soundtracked by a mashup of Paul Anka’s 1959 song “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” and Doja Cat’s Hot Pink standout “Streets,” and at the beat switch, TikTok users shed their clothes for a sultry display of their nude silhouettes.

The challenge is definitely giving Doja a boost. “Streets” has catapulted to No. 25 on the Billboard 100 after just breaking into the chart earlier this month. Considering that “Streets” was released back in 2019, Doja Cat definitely has the #SilhouetteChallenge to thank for the song’s newfound success. 

So now, before the challenge gets STALE, this begs the question….


Get into the SULTRY bop below:


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