#TreySongz ARRESTED for ASSAULTING a police officer at #Chiefs Game! [vid]

Trey Songz is in some HOT WATER and it has NOTHING to do with his OnlyFans page. The ‘Bottoms Up’ singer was ARRESTED after DRAGGING THE FUCK out of a police officer at the Kansas City Chiefs Game! We have the FOOTAGE!

The video, which was shot from several rows behind where Songz was seated, shows him sitting in his chair as a police officer stands in the row in front of him.

As the officer is grappling with Songz, the singer seems to connect a punch with the officers head.

He can also be hearing shouting, ‘Get off of me!’

Another man standing to Songz’s right, who appears to be part of the venue’s security staff, also leans down to try to subdue Songz.

As Songz (real name: Tremaine Neverson) stands up and seems to try to free himself, the police officer puts his head down and tries to knock him down while Songz tries to put him in a headlock.

‘Get off of him!’ shouts one person, while another can be heard screaming, ‘What the f***, he didn’t do it!’

‘Arrest the cop!’ a third voice cries out.

A witness to the assault claimed that fans a few rows behind Songz had been taunting him, and he had asked them to cool down.

They said that the officer went after Songz without warning, rather than the hecklers, which seemed to take Trey off guard before he started defending himself.

Songz was reportedly handcuffed and arrested once additional officers arrived and were able to separate him and the police officer, who appeared to be white.

According to a source in law enforcement, Songz was arrested and charged with two misdemeanors, resisting arrest and trespassing, and a felony, assaulting a police officer.

The ‘Can’t Help But Wait’ singer is reportedly on a 24-hour hold in jail and is expected to be released on Monday night.


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