#TreySongz ARREST allegedly stemmed from him NOT wanting to wear a MASK! [details]

treysongzMugshot-thegamuttTrey Songz has been RELEASED from police custody and now MORE info has surfaced about the arrest. ALLEGEDLY, Trey Songz didn’t want to wear a MASK in the STADIUM!!.

In the hours following his recent arrest, more details are emerging regarding why #TreySongz got tangled up with Kansas City Police in the first place. According to new reports, the initial reason why police were called was allegedly because Trey Songz refused to wear a mask while at a Kansas City Chiefs football game.


Trey has since been released, however, @TMZ_TV reports that Kansas City Police have reportedly released details from their perspective about why he was arrested—and it was something quite simple. Police allege that Trey’s issues started because he refused to follow the football stadium’s COVID-19 protection protocol and wear a mask.

The KCPD elaborated further, alleging that football fans began to complain that Trey wasn’t following Arrowhead Stadium’s safety rules and that once stadium security was called and unable to get him to comply or successfully remove him, they called in the local police and had them handle the issue. Once police arrived, things quickly escalated. Cops say Trey again refused to obey orders and was eventually told he was under arrest. They allege he punched an officer and put him in a headlock, which you can clearly see on video. More cops were called in and they were finally able to get it under control. KCPD says the case is being referred to the Jackson County Prosecutor for further review.

Trey’s attorney, John P. O’Connor had no comment. So from what we know NOW, it seems the ALTERCATION could’ve been AVOIDED if Trey simply MASKED UP as asked.

There are always 3 sides to a story.. Let’s see what Trey has to say next….


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