#Verzuz: #KeyshiaCole’s DJ explains the ‘LATE START’ and the INITIAL off VIBE! [DETAILS]

Fans of Verzuz and Keyshia Cole & Ashanti had to wait about an hour before the ladies appeared on screen! The dj’s tried to keep the party going in their absence, but fans soon grew RESTLESS at the late start.

About 45 minutes in, Ashanti popp3e into view to talk to the fans, vibe with the viewers and basically to pass time until Cole came on the LIVE.

Finally, Keyshia stepped into the light’ visibly stressed a bit, but the show was ready to start then….but viewers could sense the vibe was a bit ‘OFF’ to say the least.

Keyco’s Dj Hi-C is now speaking out about what happened and why she was late and visibly frustrated at the start.

“It started out weird… just stuff that y’all don’t see behind the scenes,” he said. “Not to say nothing bad about Verzuz, but the show didn’t start on time. Everybody knows that. But [in] Keyshia’s defense, she didn’t want to come out because her screen was blurry. She was there on time. I was there, but she didn’t want to come out on time because the screen was blurry. Stuff wasn’t right. We couldn’t hear their side. So it was a lot of technical stuff going on in there.”

When Keyshia finally decided to join Ashanti, she was visibly upset, and Hi-C says that despite his best efforts to uplift her spirits, the Oakland-bred songstress just wasn’t into it.

“She’s a perfectionist, and when stuff don’t go the right way, it’s downhill from there,” he reasoned. “She was already upset about it being pushed back like it was, but it’s COVID. So there was buildup and it made her have to push her record back, so it just threw her energy off. I did the best I could to bring her back, but by that time she was already upset.”

Fortunately for the fans the Ciroc kicked in and Cole eventually softened her stance.

She even brought out OT Genesis, who sang along with her on her signature ballad “Love,” (which he famously butchered like a bad piece of meat), signaling an end to their very public feud.

All in all after much delay and circumstance, the 2 queens delivered handsomely.

Both Ashanti & Keyshia Cole debuted new music and it was a huge WIN for BOTH & R&B as a whole!

Thank you ladies for PICKING up the challenge and making it work even under the current Covid-situations!


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