PUSH BACK! #Drake DELAYS release of #CertifiedLoverBoy! [details]

We could have SEEN this coming a MILE AWAY… Drake DELAYS the release of his ‘Certified Lover Boy’ project!

Late last year, Drizzy teased that the new project was dropping in January. He even had an elaborate TEASER to boot. But it appears that THINGS have changed.

So apparently, Drake’s INJURY is what is keeping him from completing the album…. We understand that when an artist gets to the level of Drake’s an album ROLL-OUT is ALOT of moving parts and you want everything to be JUST RIGHT! We get it… But some fans on TWITTER had some PUSHBACKS of their own for 6God!

So here we are, waiting for the FIRST BIG ALBUM of 2021 a little bit longer. He could DROP around Valnetine’s Day..now wouldn’t that be SWEET? See what I did there? Nonetheless, FANS, just keep sitting on your hands and WAIT… I’m sure it will be worth it…

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