Family Drama! #WendyWilliams claps at her brother for claims she didn’t attend their mom’s funeral! He calls her out for LYING! [Vid]

wendywilliams-brother-thegamuttNobody wins when the family feuds…

There is DRAMA in Wendy Williams’ world and it is not her popular ‘Hot Topics’ segment.

Wendy’s brother Tommy has all types of allegations about his sister! Tommy, who has a fledgling YouTube channel is alleging that Wendy is lying about their mother’s death,(timeline) and that she didn’t even attend the funeral and didn’t give an explanation to their father!

Wendy took time out to address her brother on air!

“You are my brother, let’s keep it that way. If you want to talk on the internet then you talk about the things that you think you know about yourself. You don’t want to talk about the things I know about you … for sure.”

Wendy says her brother started a fight at the funeral!

So much to unpack here, but in Tuesday’s show…Wendy said she was not going to address this again….
So…who do you believe?

PR STUNT for the upcoming Wendy Weekend on Lifetime?  Clout chasing from the brother? CHIME IN in the COMMENTS!!

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