#DwyaneWade & #GabrielleUnion RISQUE bday vacay photos cause an UPROAR! [Pics]

The Wade’s are in Jamaica for Dwyane Wade’s 39th birthday. They have been posting photos from their vacay stay…(we’ll get to that in a few).

This pic of a seemingly naked Wade has the fans talking!

It’s the caption for me…. It looks like the two just got finished smashing or on the way to ‘Pound Town’…either way…..DO YOUR THING! Lol

The Wade kids have even chimed in!

Wade’s son Zaire, 18, commented on the picture, “this isn’t what I wanted to wake up to 🤢,” while his daughter Zaya, 13, also commented, writing, “Ayooooo chill, I just got on😵😵😵😔😪.” There was even a comment from Kaavia, Wade and Union’s 2-year-old daughter. The toddler’s official account commented, “Thought I had more time before his midlife crisis.”

Too funny!

Well if you got it….why not enjoy each other!
But here are some beautiful pics from their adventure….

Happy Birthday DWade….many more!


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