#SVU Reunion: #ChrisMeloni & #MariskaHargitay TEASE NEW ‘Law & Order’series! [Pics]

It’s been a LONG time but ‘Elliot & Olivia’ are REUNITED and it FEELS GOOD… I HOPE!

Chris Meloni just TEASED their much TALKED about REUNION on IG and the fans are in an UPROAR!

The black-and-white photo, the first with the former co-stars ahead of Stabler’s return, features Meloni in the foreground with a seated Hargitay on set looking toward the camera.

“We are a little bit closer,” Meloni teased.

Later in the day, Hargitay posted an adorable selfie from set, with a caption referencing Meloni’s cheeky tease.

“Now even closer,” she wrote.

Meloni’s appearance on season 22 of SVU will lead into the spinoff Law & Order: Organized Crime, which is set to debut sometime in 2021. (It was originally slated for the season 22 premiere, before SVU was pushed off NBC’s fall schedule, delaying his return.)

This is SURE to be a HUGE HIT, and we the fans CAN HARDLY WAIT to see these two back together again!!!


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