#Monica and @Naijagoddess WON #EricaBanks’ #BussItChallenge! [vids]

EricaBanks-buss-it-challenge-thegamuttNew artist Erica Banks’ DEBUT single ‘Buss It’ has INSPIRED a TIKTOK challenge that has TAKEN OVER social media! If you don’t know by now, it’s a CHALLENGE where an ‘EVERYDAY’ person, quickly TRANSFORMS into a SEX GODDESS (or GOD) while DROPPING it low.

TONS of entries have been FLOODING the NET, but R&B ICON, Monica and @NaijaGoddess have made it HARD for the REST to compete!
NaijaGoddess tries to get her ‘BUSS IT’ on, but is INTERRUPTED by her MATE and PLAYS IT OFF to a T!

Monica on the otherhand was ALMOST to the ‘BUSS IT’ portion when her YOUNG SON reminds her that aint no BUSSIN going on in these parts!!! LOL!

Just for REFERENCE, check out Bank’s NEW VIDEO! For the YOUNGSTERS, ‘Buss It’ samples Nelly’s HIT song, ‘Hot In Herre’!


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