Internet star #RollingRay in HOSPITAL with SEVERE burns after his WIG caught on fire! [vid]

In other videos that captured his live stream, he explained that the fire burnt his “whole skin,” listing off the body parts that were affected including his neck, legs, arms and feet.

He sent love to his fans and asked them to keep him in their prayers. He also thanked a friend named “Mrs. Scorpio” for helping, saying he’d be dead without his friend’s help.

“I’m afraid I’m gonna be ugly for the rest of my life,” an emotional Ray said as he prepared to be admitted to the hospital. It appeared that the medical staff that was assisting Ray was also helping him go live on Instagram. At the end of the video, Ray could be heard asking a staff member to end his live for him! Wow. Please Ray, It’s not that bad. Just PERSERVEER…

Those not FAMILIAR with Ray, here is his him during BETTER DAYS on MTV:

One of the MORE EPIC moments on ‘Catfish’…. But followers may KNOW Ray for being in the MIDDLE of NUMEROUS beefs and TROLLING on the INTERNET. He was most recently EMBROILED in a beef with City Girls and Saucy Santana. The groups EXCHANGED disses online for a bit.
Some FOLLOWERS are citing that this is KARMA for his sometimes TOXIC behavior online towards other people. But at the END of the DAY, this is SERIOUS and Ray could’ve died.

Still this did not STOP internet TROLLS from POKING FUN at Ray’s EXPENSE…

Let’s LIFT Rolling Ray up in PRAYER and hopes for a SPEEDY RECOVERY!

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