CANCELED!? #KeriHilson Speaks out AGAINST #DonaldTrump Twitter Ban and gets DRAGGED to HELL! [details]

keri-hilson-Trump-TheGamuttKeri Hilson once a THRIVING singer/songwriter, but found herself on the WRONG SIDE of a an ALLEGED beef with Beyonce… Y’all remember that, she was STUNG mercilessly by the Beyhive and RETREATED into seclusion for YEARS. We have not had any CHART-WORTHY music from her in YEARS!! Now it appears that Hilson has found herself again on the WRONG side of PUBLIC OPINION!

Hilson took to her IG to speak out against Twitter BANNING President Trump from their PLATFORM! This is what she had to say about FREEDOM of SPEECH!

Twitter attacked!

I guess Keri FORGOT that if the POTUS wanted to SPEAK to the nation he can do it anytime he wants…’s called a PRESS CONFERNCE…

But OH WELL… I wonder if Keri can COME BACK from this one????


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