NEW VIDEO: #TheWeeknd REVEALS JARRING ‘FACELIFT’ in ‘Save Your Tears’ visual! [vid]

The-Weeknd-Save-Your-Tears-thegamuttThe Weeknd is TURNING heads in his LATEST visual, ‘Save Your Tears’.
In the VIDEO, he TAKES OFF the bandages that he has been SPORTING the whole ‘After Hours’ era.
He showed off incredible prosthetics that were made to make him look like he had major plastic surgery on his face.

The singer looked unrecognizable in the video, which premiered on Jan. 5, as he flaunted a fuller face that was made to look like the result of plastic surgery around his cheeks and lips. The special effects makeup also included surgical scarring around his ears.


I think the VIDEO and ‘FACELIFT’ is an ANALOGY of what Hollywood does to ENTERTAINERS… the SCRUTINY of it all drives some to the BRINK of MADNESS and PLASTIC SURGERY DISASTERS….

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